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Frequently asked questions

Alltel ( your 10 digit number)
Boost Mobile (your 10 digit number)
ATT&T (your 10 digit number)
Cricket Wireless (your 10 digit number)
Project Fi (your 10 digit number)
Sprint (your 10 digit number)
T-moblie(your 10 digit number)
US Cellular (your 10 digit number)
Verizon (your 10 digit number)
Virgin Mobile (your 10 digit number)
Straight Talk (your 10 digit number)

So for example if your Verizon cell number is 714-555-1212 your MMS carrier code that you would enter in your camera is [email protected]

  No, not at all. it only flashes red when you are in setup mode. Once you switch it to “ON” it will not dontinue to flash.

There are a few different reasons this might have happened. The most common is that you have run out of data. You can log into to check your data utilization. Next, try checking your batteriesamd also check your SD care to ensure it is not full. The camera has a setting that will allow you to have the oldest pictures on your SD card over written by the new picture, ensuring that your SD card will never be full. To turn this setting on follow these steps.
1. First be in the setup screen.
2. Now hit the “Menu” button
3. Scroll across the top to “other”, now scroll down to “SD cycle”
4. Press ok and now scroll down to the on position and select on.
Cellular service operates from two types of technologies. One is CDMA which is what Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular uses, in the USA. The other is GSM which is the service AT&T, T-Mobile and other cellular providers use. It is also the prominent technology used in Europe. CDMA technology is upgrading and getting rid of 3G service over the next 2 to three years. However we have done extensive research and GSM 3G networks will be around for a long time.
One of the ways that we contain our cost and yours is by managing additional processes. Big Buck Cameras does not offer a photo management app, in order to provide such a tool we would need to pass the cost of developing an application to you our loyal customers by raising the costs of our cameras. We don’t want to do that, we want to keep our prices down while providing a superior product.
Here is what we suggest you do: go to and create an account. Download the Google Photo app on your Android or iOS (apple) phone and login using the user name and password you used to register your Google Photos account. When a Big Buck Camera photo comes in if you want to save it to your Google Photo account by touching the picture and clicking “save images”. After the photo is saved to your account you can share, delete and manage on your app and you can delete the text on your phone. Google Photos is a much better app than what we could ever develop and encourage you to use this.
Absolutely, if you have two phone numbers listed in your camera and 1 email address to send pictures to you and some friends the you are using 3 times more data to send 1 picture. Also don’t forget that your image resolution also increases the size of your picture files and consumes more data. Limit your number of data (picture) transfers to no more than 2 phone numbers or emails in order to save data otherwise you will see yourself purchasing data more often.