Big Buck Cameras Solar Charging Kit

SKU: BBCSolar9191

Having a sustainable source of energy is key in keeping your Big Buck Camera running without the fear of having to replace batteries while being far away from your hunting camp. Solar-powered trail cameras have sustainability advantages since they operate through a combination of solar power technology and Lithium batteries. Our solar panels will help you reduce battery costs and will pay for themselves within months of use. Prior to installing the Solar Panel, you will need to charge it for 8 hours with the AC Power adapter included. After the initial charge, solar charge will assist the batteries in powering the camera. This Solar Kit is Compatible with all Big Buck Cameras.  Once installed the camera batteries may only need to be replaced once per year saving you a lot of money which will quickly pay for your investment in our solar charging kit.


More About Our Solar Charging Kit

Once charged through the AC Power Adapter included in your Big Buck Cameras Solar Kit the sun will continue to charge the internal batteries inside the solar charger.  The solar charger does not charge the batteries inside the camera.  Therefore,  you do not need to install expensive rechargeable batteries inside your Big Buck camera.


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